Delphi Packard Electric (GM)

Projects Throughout Mexico

ECM was selected as project manager for 17 new manufacturing facilities throughout Mexico over a period of five years.

Packard Electric, a division of General Motors was on a world wide expansion program to reduce the overall cost of building automotive components. ECM is proud to have been selected as lead project administrator for this effort by one of the largest companies in the world.

The normal construction delivery method in Mexico is a design-build. ECM developed a set of conceptual plans and specifications, which were distributed to pre-qualified contractors throughout the country. Using objective analysis tools we have developed at ECM, our recommendations for each facility were given to the owner for final negotiations with each design-build team. Projects were completed on time and on budget with complete satisfaction from the owner and the end users.

ECM customized every set of conceptual plans and specifications for the different areas in Mexico. Taking advantage of using local material and building methods to reduce cost and the need to bring out area labor force. This win-win scenario allowed both the local community to claim ownership and build the important relationships needed for long commitment between Packard Electric and the local population.